Let's Meet The BandThe Sinful Saints

The Sinful Saints Dixieland Band pulls a large number of talented musicians together. The Saints have a lot of depth and the traditional chairs of trumpet, clarinet, trombone, banjo, tuba, piano, and drums can be filled by several of the players that make up the band.

The Saints Through The Years

Here's a brief tribute to the Sinful Saints Dixieland Band over the last decade or so. Special thanks to all of the musicians who have made up the group over the years.

We also remember our musicians and friends who are no longer with us. Click here to view our remembrance page.


Tom McDermott plays the trombone for most of the Saints' performances as he's also the leader and founder of the group. Bryan Tipps, Mike Epifano, Bob Skallerup, and Chuck Sloka also anchor our trombone chair with their amazing tailgate skills.

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Tom McDermott Byran Tipps Mike Epifano
Bob Skallerup Chuck Sloka


The Trumpet chair is filled by Dave Mitchell, Kevin Huff, Frank Katzback, Judy Bridges, Tom James (when he's not singing!), Ben Agress, or Kurt Schulenburg - all fine musicians that bring a little fire to the group!

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Dave Mitchell Kevin Huff Frank Katzback Judy Bridges
Tom James Ben Agress Kurt Schulenburg


The Clarinet part of the Sinful Saints Band is usually covered by a Soprano Saxophonist who will often double on Tenor Sax as well as clarinet. We have Kurt Schulenburg, Dick Robertson, Gary Parker, Mike Knauf, and Luke Hess ably filling this role!

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Mike Knauf Dick Robertson Gary Parker
Luke Hess Kurt Schulenburg


We have quite a few banjos associated with the Sinful Saints. Al Johnson, Jim Dossa, Ernie Michaels, and Tom Landeros are the "go to" guys that make up the string section in the band.

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Al Johnson Jim Dossa
Ernie Michaels Tom Landeros


The bottom of the band is very important and we have several capable players that can really drive the Saints: Tom Stasiak, Brian Borcherding, Kurt Smith, and Steve Marcus.

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Tom Stasiak Brian Borcherding Kurt Smith
Steve Marcus Paige Lush


We have several drummers with the band: Mike Lerner, Bill Voda, Brian Sugrue, Bob Blazier, Anthony Houston, and Chuck Schwartz. Rick Leach joins in with the stompfiddle.

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Mike Lerner Bill Voda Anthony Houston Chuck Schwartz
Brian Sugrue Bob Blazier Rick Leach


We don't get to use our keyboard players on parade, but they can be a welcome addition to any of our performances when we don't have to drive on down the road! Our piano players are Gordy Triefenbach, Jim Dossa, and Vance Nelson (who also plays accordion on our polka jobs!).

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Gordy Triefenbach Jim Dossa Vance Nelson

The Sinful Saints is able to field several bands to play on our fleet of fire trucks, particularly on the big parade holidays like the Fourth of July. The Saints draws from a wide variety of talented musicians who play in the Chicago area and we'd like to tip our straw hats to the following fine musicians who have joined us over the years. We look forward to playing with them again!

Trombones Bryan Tipps Ryan Miller Dana Legg
Trumpets Greg Studabaker Gregg Tipps Andy Schlinder Dave Morehead
Sax/Clarinets Andy Blanco Phil Pilcher Jimmy Bestman
Tubas Rich Armandi Adam Sneider Mark Bressler Jim Drake John Harshey Bill Jeffery
Drums Bryan Weber Ken Voelker Mitch Martin
Banjos Mike Woitowicz Rob Cutis