Hello From The Sinful Saints!The Sinful Saints

The Sinful Saints Dixieland Band has been entertaining the people of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin since founder Tom McDermott first pulled this crew together back in 1994. Nearly two decades later, the Saints are still tearing up parades, parties and concert halls, bringing their unique blend of music and showmanship to thousands of eager listeners.

The Saints play music from the heyday of Dixieland, playing tunes first heard nearly a hundred years ago. They also play traditional jazz from the 20's and 30's as well as some tunes from Dixieland's Revival in the 1950's. If it Stomps, Floats or Struts, the Saints are probably playing it!

Take a look around, check out the band. Listen to a few clips. Contact us about playing your next get together!

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Private Party in Wheeling

On February 13, 2016, the Sinful Saints played a private party consisting of a memorial service and life celebration.

We have hired the Sinful Saints Dixieland Band twice now for family events and they were absolutely wonderful both times! The first time was a 60th anniversary party for my parents - my dad was a Dixieland music fan. Tom and the band were fantastic; they read the crowd, kept things going, were very engaging and had a fun time. The second time we hired them for my father's funeral, more a celebration of life really. They played for the recessional (played a somber funeral dirge as we processed out, then broke open into "When The Saints Go Marching In" that had everyone clapping and crying with joy!), then played for everyone attending the funeral luncheon afterwards. I can't tell you how many people came up to me to tell me "I know this sounds odd but this is the best funeral I've ever been to!", "your dad would have LOVED this", and "I'm making notes to tell my kids that this is exactly what I want for my funeral!" Tom and his band did such a wonderful, respectful job helping us to celebrate two very different events. Both times, the focus was on the event, the music and the guests, not themselves. They were wonderful!"

Mardi Gras at the Rib House

On February 17, 2015, the Saints played Mardi Gras at the Rib House in Crystal Lake!

Here the Saints play "Baby Face" at the Rib House!

Swedish Days Parade!

On parade in Geneva Il - June 24, 2012!

At the Woodstock Opera House!

Press play to hear "Just A Little While To Stay Here" - recorded at the Woodstock Opera House.

On August 22 and 23 2008, the Saints played a fund raiser for the Woodstock Opera House, getting their first opportunity to play on the 119 year old stage. Here's a clip from the adjoining Stage Left Cafe where we played all evening! It's a little hard to capture our sound on a handheld video camera, but it's still fun to get a peek at what we look like while playing!

Video courtesy of Carolyn Schulenburg - that's why Kurt's always in the picture!

The Sinful Saints play all over the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin Area!